Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monitoring Reliability and Availability of Windows 2000-based Server Systems

Event ID 1074
Events are logged when you manually shutdown the machine using the Event Tracker.

Event ID 1076
Events are logged when the machine shuts down unexpectedly and the Event Tracker pops up when the Administrator (or first user with shutdown rights) logs on to the machine.

Event ID is 6006
The time of this event is approximately the time the operating system becomes unavailable to applications.

Event ID is 6008
The event is recorded when the system restarts and Windows 2000 discovers that the previous shutdown was not clean.

Event ID is 6009
The Event Log service itself is the source of this event whenever the system is started., and the Event ID is 6009.

Event ID: 4097
Dr. Watson utility records application failure events in the Windows 2000 Application Event Log as shown below.

Event ID: 4353
Service Pack installation on Windows

Event ID: 1123
The node lost communication with cluster node

Event ID: 1069
Cluster resource 'SQL Server Fulltext ' in Resource Group 'E38SQL' failed.

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