Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to: search for a word or column name across the Procedure, Function, Trigger, View


DECLARE @SearchPhrase nvarchar(1000)
SET @SearchPhrase = N'backup'   -- Place your search string
DISTINCT sysobjects.name AS [Object Name],
  WHEN sysobjects.xtype = 'P' THEN 'Stored Proc'
  WHEN sysobjects.xtype = 'TF' THEN 'Function'
  WHEN sysobjects.xtype = 'TR' THEN 'Trigger'
  WHEN sysobjects.xtype = 'V' THEN 'View'
END as [Object Type],
(SELECT ParentTable.[Name]
FROM sysobjects ParentTable
WHERE ParentTable.id = sysobjects.Parent_obj) ParentTable
FROM sysobjects,
WHERE sysobjects.id = syscomments.id
AND sysobjects.type in ('P','TF','TR', 'V')
--AND sysobjects.category = 0  --- To restrict only user defined object
AND CHARINDEX(@SearchPhrase, syscomments.text) > 0

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