Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SQL Server 2008 Released today

SQL 2008 has today been released to manufacturing:
SQL Server 2008 Released

Some of the links are not yet live and here are some Key Dates
• Aug 6 – SQL Server 2008 RTM
• Aug 6 – Public RTM Announcements for SQL Server 2008 will go live at 10AM PDT; Aug 6 – TechNet Subscription & MSDN Subscription full product available for SQL Server 2008
• Aug 7 – TechNet & MSDN SQL Server 2008 trials available
• Aug 7 – How To Buy page updated with SQL Server 2008 info
• Aug 7 – SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack available
Aug 11 – SQL Server 2008 Express download available
• Aug 21 – SQL Server 2008 Volume Licensing SKUs available
• Aug 25 – SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services and Tools available
• Sep 15 – TechNet & MSDN SQL Server 2008 Books-Online updated for all 10 Katmai languages

Announcing the release of SQL Server 2008, the enterprise data platform
for data warehousing, business intelligence, and LOB applications
The wait is over! SQL Server® 2008 is now available and is ready for purchase.

TechNet Magazine recently published an overview of the key changes and what you can expect from SQL Server 2008. You can also get a rundown of the various Editions and Components of SQL Server 2008 and take part in SQL Server 2008 Tutorials.

An Overview of SQL Server 2008 installation will help you get started with your deployments. You can also find guidance for Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 or Migrating to SQL Server 2008. And if you are upgrading, be sure to check out Using Upgrade Advisor to Prepare For Upgrades.

From the August edition of TechNet Magazine, here are answers to your SQL Server questions, showing you how to perform consistency checks, how to handle an accidental upgrade, and more in the SQL Q&A column.

Finally, you can easily find local partners offering SQL Server 2008 solutions, find training partners near you offering official Microsoft courses on SQL Server 2008, as well as attend local in-person events and online webcasts on SQL Server 2008.

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